So here I am at bread number 19 out of the Breadbaker's Apprentice book, and if you have been keeping up with these blogs you know the rules of the Challenge already. Nicole from Pinch My Salt did a beautiful marbled loaf that looks too gorgeous to even eat, and I think that she used the caramel color to get that dramatic look. I used the coffee/cocoa substitution instead of the caramel color, and the contrast was definitely not so striking.

As I am baking my way through all the recipes, I have noticed that my starter seem to react differently from each type of flour used in incorporating it-- weird. 
If you don't want to buy the book, you can find the recipe here.

First, I made the darker dough with the coffee/cocoa mix
I combined all the ingredients together in my mixer and mixed until it came together into a uniform ball.

I made the same dough again, but left out the coffee/cocoa mix. Of course, this is my lighter rye.

Here are the two loaves left to bulk rise.

When the dough doubles in size go to Elizabeth's site to see how she gets the marbling on her bread.

Out of the oven and sliced, this was more impressive than I thought it would be, and although I still am not a rye lover, I will send it over to yeastpotting.


Hello Sandra
Your marbled bread looks very nice and would make a handsome sandwich.


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