I did the Poor man's version here, and I have to say, it was quite good. We've been to Paris and had wonderful authentic french style brioche there, but this one was lighter but still felt buttery and tender. I will post this one also on YeastSpotting.
Adam Mixed with the sponge of flour and milk
The recipe called for a overnight sponge with yeast and flour and milk. Of course I substituted my wild yeast for the commercial.

Very sticky dough
Mixed the flour, sponge, salt, sugar and butter until smooth dough was formed.

Bulk rising
Here is the finished dough ready for the initial bulk rising. Because of this being a wild yeast, I left the dough alone for about 4 hours.

shaped into loaves
The risen dough was then deflated and formed into 3 loaves, which I chose to braid. When the 2nd rising was finished I then used an egg wash on top and then sprinkled some sliced almonds to give a little crunch.

These smelled wonderful coming out of the oven, and the taste of butter and the richness of this crumb made me glad that I chose to bake the poor man's version of this bread. I can't imagine how buttery the other versions would be.


Sneak Sneak bread very delicious. The only thing more delicious than the look was the taste. Beautiful braiding and the toasted almonds gave the bread a well rounded buttery nutty flavor.


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