BBA#9 Cinnamon Raisin Walnut Pecan - Aromi Golosi
If there is anyone out there who doesn't like cinnamon and raisin bread, then maybe you haven't tried to bake your own. This recipe is fantastic, and the aroma as the loaves are in the oven is incredible! Although Peter Reinhart uses only bread flour in his recipe, I have used white whole wheat in place of half the flour called for. This is even better the next day toasted with a little butter.

Mixture of egg, flour, Adam, cinnamon, sugar, salt, and buttermilk

mixed ball of dough

After kneading for about 10 minutes, the raisins were added and then the walnuts

dough left to rise

The initial bulk rise took about 2 hours to get 1.5 times bigger. I read somewhere that cinnamon actually retards the rise of yeast. Maybe this was the reason.

waiting to be rolled inro a loaf

After the bulk rising, the dough was degassed by rolling into a rectangle sized to fit my loaf pan. I then sprinkled on remaining cinnamon sugar and rolled into loaf.

raw loaf

Rolled dough waiting to be put into loaf pan and then waiting again for the second and final rise. This time it took another 2 hours to begin to crest the pan.

beautiful risen bread

Finally, the finished bread, and so worth the wait!

3/26/2010 04:59:36

Looks great! What is Adam??

3/26/2010 06:37:10

I love cinnamon raisin bread and adding pecans...oh yum! Looks good!

3/26/2010 07:11:59

Adam is the name that I gave to my wild yeast starter, ans anyone who is looking at this blog for the first time wouldn't know that.


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