East is West - Aromi Golosi
The view from Victoria Park at night
Hong Kong is arguably one of the wealthiest and most progressive cities of the twentieth century. Originally a colony of the British Empire, China regained control of it in 1997,and much to our benefit, has kept the unusual fusion of the city intact. There are still double decker buses, and drivers are still expected to drive on the left side of the road. When we visited this amazing city, we were blown away by the incredible architecture and massive number of people milling around, and it wasn't hard to believe that this little city is one of the most densely populated areas in the world.
The quantity of shops and stores to sell everything under the sun was totally awesome. Never had I experienced such an "in your face" advertising campaign. The variety of things for sale was overwhelmingly huge, and everywhere you looked there were well-known brand stores alongside little alleyways of "small business" owners looking to make a quick buck or two. Walking down the street to shop reminded me of  New York-- only with majority Asian faces staring back. In fact, the shopping district was actually called, "Times Square". (I wonder where they got that idea?)

Like other 20th century post modern cities, Hong Kong offers a diverse clientele of people as well as entertainment options. Nightime seem to be a fashionably trendy time to head out for various entertainment options, and there seem to be no shortage of variety when it comes to their nightlife.

However, If you venture out a little, there is more wonderful sights such as the Giant Buddha on Lantau Island, the quaint and still rustic fishing villiage of Tai O, Disneyland(Hong Kong Style), and oh, do eat dim sum....yummy!

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